TEXT 19th Januar. Audio used in the exhibitions, More Common Than Anyone Imagined 2016 and It making that sound 2015.


TEXT 19th Januar


The drawings of a cube.

Trying to make the same cube.

The linemarkings.

I like it’s almost invisible on a distance.

I wonder why it is so important to put up everyting on the wall.

It’s like I need to keep the visual.

It’s like everything is transformed visual sights. I’m afraid of it to go away.


Sometimes I’m creating or trying to create what I see in a way of grasping the essence.

But then it’s the cube.

The square.

It has become something else.

It’s more of an investigation of an idea.

But still I use the visual memory.

The plaster on plaster.

The cube that is cut into pieces and then becomes an architecture creation.

I’m interested in the inside of the cube.

The boundaries in the shape.


I like to place things in another way.

I like distance.

The cardboardconstruction uses blue.

I don´t know if theese things belong together.

I wonder where the nature is.

Is it instead of nature.


I think the box in paper with plaster inside is important.

At the moment the colors I find most important is blue and white.

But I always need black because I need the totally darkness.

Darkness is important.

Darkness perhaps is not only black.

I think I need the print.


Actually I don’t like theese things to be on the floor.

But I’m sceptic about plinths.

The problem is the showing without make a show.

I mean about composition.

How to make a composition that is a musiccomposition.

Music is not made for the composition it’s made fot the music.

I don’t know if it’s possible.

Perhaps a musician thinks in parts.


I think blue and white are quite the same color.

It keeps something about clarity.

It’s not a bluescale it’s a particular blue.

That keeps the distance.

Something about clear thinking.

Or for me multilayered thinking.

I think of forests that have been clearcut.

Multilayered and different layers.

I’m thinking about it in realtion to improvising.

I like to crete immediate.

I like to touch paper.


I’m thinking about plinths.

It’s a geometric shape so I wonder is it possible to use.

I don’t think so.

Need to build up an exhibitionform.

Or not build an exhibitionform.

I’m thinking about the objects.

Objects to be independent.

How they aret o be placed.



How to make an installation that is not purely composition.

It’ not about making a composition

That is not the aim.